Introduction to the Internet

Throughout history, technological advances have created changes in the way we communicate and relate to each other. The printing press made it possible to mass produce text and triggered a wave of knowledge dissemination which caused radical changes in the society of that time. In the 20th century, radio and television have brought video directly to individual households. This first generation of electronic mass media expanded the individual's access to information. This developments have revolutionized our society which defines the characteristics of our century.

In these past years, a new communication technology is beginning to break through: interactive networks, such as the Internet, which make it possible for individuals to retrieve and deliver large amounts of information to one or more recipients. Interactive networks hold the potential of revolutionizing the way we communicate, work, shop and entertain ourselves. Revolution or not, there is no doubt that information's long-term impact on our lives will be significant. The fastest growing part of the Internet, the World Wide Web or just the Web, is increasingly being used for commercial purposes by companies who are attracted by the low costs of making information available, the possibilities of reaching a global audiences directly, and the opportunity to use the medium interactively to create a dialogue with the audience.

If you missed any previous technological breakthrough, you might want to consider becoming part of the Internet. Welcome to the Information age! By the year 2000 there will be roughly 200 million users accessing the Internet.

  Current Technology

The Internet can provide full audio, video, and image delivery. Images and audio are deliverable via electronic mail to selected groups of interest, or can be delivered to specific individuals selected from vast mailing lists. Individuals can also choose to surf the Internet at leisure by selecting topics of personal interest. Information can be requested by surfers by simply completing Information Request Forms. Technology obviously drives the design of Internet publications or Home Pages. It is very important to have a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the technology that build the Internet since optimal use of technology has proven to be a determining factor in the success of Internet advertisement.


  How Does Our Company Work?

The computers and communication equipment used by Cyber Designs are operated by our network administrator that has more than 10 years experience in the field.

When a potential project arrives, our Project Designer divides the project in tasks. These tasks are then distributed to the Graphic Designer, Document Team, and Publications Specialists. A meeting is held to discuss the details of the project and a prototype is sent back for customer approval. Once approval is received back from the customer, emphasis is placed on completion of the project. Throughout all the phases of design, emphasis is placed in meeting high standards of quality. The original source code is given to the company with royalties, so companies that are already connected to the Internet can deliver their own information at no added cost. In addition to Home Page design, Cyber Designs offers Internet delivery options at discount prices to those clients that do not have Internet connectivity.

  Think Twice About Advertising on the Web

Advertising in the Internet successfully is an art. The advertisement should address the audience in a non-intrusive manner, but should allow maximal interaction with the client. Advertisement on the Web must be right on the target, this is very different from advertisement in traditional broadcast mass media.

Your audience is usually college-educated people or college students. Individuals making a high salary or individuals interested in new technology. You cannot afford loosing this market. Most K-12's will be on the Internet within the next few years. With the growing number of surfers on the Internet, even the most narrowly defined interest group will be represented in large numbers. The Internet will have 200 million users by the year 2000, no matter what your business is, you cannot ignore 200 million people.

You may be unfamiliar with international market communications, but with a Web page, you can open up a dialogue with international markets as easily as with the company across the street, at no added cost. Trying to reach Latin America, Europe or Asia is frustrating, but with the Internet you have a 24hr. a day 7 days a week service.

You may think that the Internet is not a good place to be. Well, think again! The Internet isn't just for computer science students anymore.

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